09 May 2009 @ 11:44 pm

I am just so frustrated. I mean, I'm getting angry over the stupidest thing, but...

I REALLY don't like all these new people obsessed with Trek. I've never been an elitist fan before, and maybe now's not the time to start, but I wish people who have only seen the new movie would just STFU and GTFO. I've been a Trek fan since birth basically, and I endured a lot of ridicule growing up about it (as I went to school in a non-dork friendly environs) and it just doesn't feel fair. Especially since I haven't SEEN THE GODDAMN MOVIE YET.

And I especially don't like the people who go "oh, it's so much better than that AWFUL DATED show" who haven't even seen TOS! Just because something is new doesn't make it better.

This isn't really directed toward any of the flist. I know I'm being irrational and bitchy but that's just the way I feel. =/